The SpeedMakerTM is like no other speed training device on the market. It bridges the gap between speed & agility training and strength training. The device has been specifically designed to target the hamstrings and glutes, collectively referred to as the hip extensors. These muscles are most impactful for speed and power development. In addition to the hip extensors' direct role in speed production they also play a secondary role by promoting stretch reflex in the hip flexors. Stretch reflex is a muscle contraction in response to stretching within the muscle. In the hip flexors it occurs when the hip extensors contract, stretching the hip flexors. This causes the hip flexors to contract, raising the knee in the classic “high knee” running posture. This is similar to stretching a rubber band; the farther a rubber band is stretched, the more kinematic energy that is generated, causing the band to snap back with greater force. Likewise, a higher knee lift enables an athlete to exert more force into the ground and subsequently run faster. The relationship between stretch reflex and speed production is depicted in the Speed Circle below.

The SpeedMakerTM is also designed to elicit Post Activation Potentiation (PAP). PAP is the enhancement of muscle fiber recruitment following a high force activity. In other words, immediately after training or performing a warm-up with the SpeedMaker, an athlete will perform at a higher level when running without it. This has immediate benefits and can prove useful both in practice and competition settings.