The NewGait would not be what it is today without innovation, originality, and unconventional problem solving.

We understand that no two patients are the same, so the highly customizable nature of the NewGait will require adjustments for optimal performance.
 This is why we require an initial fitting consultation with a trained NewGait Clinician prior to purchasing for home use. Follow the steps below for general NewGait donning.

If you have not been previously fitted with the NewGait by a trained clinician, please visit our How to Purchase the NewGait page to find a trained NewGait Clinician or trial the device for 30 days with your current physician.

Watch our Instructional Video Showing General NewGait Assembly, or Follow the Steps Below
Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 12.57.16 PM


Secure the waist belt tightly just above the hips, ensuring that the NewGait logo is facing forward and the D-rings are in proper position.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.08.49 PM


Tightly Secure the leg straps just above the knee. Ensure that the D-rings align with the waist belt, and attach the assistance bands.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.10.33 PM


For foot drop assistance; tightly Secure the leg straps just below the knee. Connect the assistance band from the most distant shoelace to the D-ring.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.11.40 PM


Secure the front of the shoulder straps by connecting the buckles with the waist belt.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.11.58 PM


Secure the back of the shoulder straps by drawing the left strap under the right arm, and the right strap under the left arm, as to make the straps cross on the back.

Screen Shot 2018-08-11 at 1.12.33 PM


Finally, inhale and hold a deep breath while securing the velcro just below the sternum.

Chest Harness Assembly

The Chest Harness Keeper is designed to hold the Chest Harness Straps and also includes Elastic Band attachment points for postural support. Follow the steps below to assemble the Chest Harness.

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1. Insert the hook or loop fastener material of either Chest Harness Strap into the top left Chest Harness Insert on the Chest Harness Keeper. Ensure that the fastener material is facing upwards, and insert the Chest Harness Strap from the top side of the Chest Harness Keeper.


2. Take the fastener material end of the Chest Harness Strap and insert it into the parallel Chest Harness Insert from the bottom side of the Chest Harness Keeper, weaving it back to the top side.


3. Pull the Chest Harness Strap through the Chest Harness Keeper until it sits at the midpoint of the strap. Begin the same weaving process with the other Chest Harness Strap from the top right Chest Harness Insert, except with the fastener material facing downwards.


4. Weave the second Chest Harness Strap from the bottom back to the top through the  parallel Chest Harness Insert and pull it through to the midpoint of the strap.

V-Anchor Assembly

The V-Anchor is designed to add an Elastic Band attachment point to a lower leg Limb Strap for improved Dorsiflexion Assistance. Follow the steps below to assemble the V-Anchor for Dorsiflexion Assistance.


1. Insert either end of the Limb Strap into one of the V-Anchor Inserts from the outside.


2. Pull the Limb Strap through the V-Anchor Insert until the Insert sits next to the D-Ring on the Limb Strap.


3. Fold the Limb Strap and insert the loose end into the other V-Anchor Insert.


4. Pull the Limb Strap through until The V-Anchor is at the midpoint of the Limb strap and the V-Anchor Inserts sit on either side of the Limb Strap D-Ring.