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Physical Therapist, Kate Rose, reflects on her experiences with The NewGait and how it has improved her treatment plans. Not only does she use it on her patients, but has additional experience using the NewGait herself for chronic pain. Listen to her educational story.

| 12/20/2020 |

 I got introduced by Kim Spranger, who we both know is an incredibly enthusiastic person. And the minute she saw the NewGait, she couldn't believe what the potential was in physical therapy. She told me about it and at the time, I was working in home health. So, she came and did an in-service at our clinic and left us with a unit. And we were able to play around with it in home health.....

Lynn Vanwelsenaers is a certified prosthetist and orthotic fitter in the UP of Michigan. She is one of NewGait's founding clinicians. Today, she is the Director of Product Innovation. Listen to her story about becoming involved back when the NewGait was first being discovered as a rehab tool.

| 12/17/2020 |

I was introduced to the NewGait by Kim Spranger, who happened to stop by my office one day, and asked me if I'd be interested in learning about it. I said, “Certainly." And then Jordan came to visit me and I actually tried it on that day and ran around in it. I immediately saw that it would make a difference for people with gait imbalances.....

Alyssa Portelli is a physical therapist at the University of Michigan. She is specialized in neurologic rehabilitation and immediately believed the NewGait would make a difference in her practice.

| 11/09/2020 |

So, with the neurological population, we've done a lot of postural corrections, core stability, we have used it a lot with the ataxia patients, and then a lot of gait training. All of our patients really like it. Even family members have noted, "Oh, they're walking so much better....

Kim Spranger was the first therapist to ever use the NewGait. Today, she is the Director of Culture at NewGait. Listen to her story about discovering the device and her experience using it for Spinal Cord Injury Rehab.

| 9/24/2020 |

It actually wasn't a NewGait, when I saw the device, and I saw it, on Facebook, actually. My son pointed it out to me, as a unique training device for runners. Immediately I saw the potential application to physical therapy, so I obtained one and started to use it...

Russ and Terry Tripp were some of the earliest NewGait adopters during its transition from sports performance to healthcare. They believed in the NewGait from the beginning, and now have a NewGait in every one of their outpatient clinics!

| 9/18/2020 |

I had the benefit of working with Benga and Jordan during the inception of the NewGait. From the beginning, I was intrigued by the product. One of our therapists, Kim Spranger, had the epiphany of taking the SpeedMaker, and using it to change gait. The result with the first client was incredible...

Phuong Vu was an early believer in the NewGait. She has been using the NewGait at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan for more than two years, ever since a patient introduced it to her. We had a great conversation with Phuong about her experience using the NewGait.

| 9/01/2020 |

I actually heard about the NewGait through a client of mine. He had an incomplete spinal cord injury and he was researching different modalities and treatment techniques for spinal cord injury. He came across the NewGait and asked me to look into it...

Dr. Stephen Kanter has a vast resumé and is an avid NewGait Fitter at the International Multiple Sclerosis Management Practice where he is the Director of Rehab Services. - "My dream is that many PT's out there would have the NewGait. Ultimately, I do believe getting it for a home based program is really what would make the biggest difference... I hope of anything that patients and therapists gain from this conversation, is to get a neuro based, closed-chain standing program, and if they have hip flexion weakness, then incorporate this."

| 8/27/2020 |

A patient introduced me to the NewGait. When I saw the NewGait, it clicked right away that it would make sense for people for walking. Also the other major impairment, which is actually stairs or curbs, and ever since then, I've been using it with patients on a regular basis...

Kathy Tooman & Jozie Weiler are licensed physical therapists at West Michigan Physical Therapy. Together they have more than 40 years of experience with diverse backgrounds and specializations, along with great energy and passion. Listen to their "Miraculous" experiences with the NewGait.

| 8/21/2020 |

Both of those girls, six months later now, are jumping as high as they've ever jumped in their life. They've had to retrain their whole loading and running techniques because they are so fast and they're pushing off so high. Miraculous! For 30 days we tried all these people and had positive results on everybody. So we bought the NewGait and now we use it clinically...

Cathy Ruprecht, NewGait Clinician and Physical Therapist, gives us an in depth discussion regarding chronic pain. Moderated by Benga Adeeko, NewGait CEO. Also features Kim Spranger, PT & NewGait Clinician.

| 6/2/2020 |

Chronic pain is how we classify pain that is long term and persistent. Usually when someone has an accident or an injury or surgery, there is some sort of a tissue damage. It is usually repaired in about three months. Most people heal right up and go on about their business, and they don’t have much pain at all remaining...

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