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Restoring Hope

The NewGait is a patented, innovative physical therapy and rehab device for individuals with gait abnormalities. This cutting edge yet simple to use harness can help patients regain a normal walking gait and basic functioning.


A Story of Hope being Restored


The NewGait was originally conceived as a sports performance training device called the SpeedMaker. The NewGait was birthed in 2016 when Kim Spranger, a physical therapist, saw the SpeedMaker, and thought to use the apparatus to rehabilitate a young woman that had a devastating spinal cord injury. Following her incredible recovery. Our team has since entirely shifted efforts to restoring hope, and putting the care back in healthcare.

"They said I was never going to run, and now I am running."

emily race 5_6 2017

Restoring Mobility to a Paraplegic Using the NewGait

A Case Report

The purpose of this case report was to describe how the NewGait was used during spinal cord rehab to help an incomplete paraplegic become a functional ambulator


"She was using a wheelchair as her primary source of mobility. She was a farm girl and it was her goal to not only walk again, but to run and chase her cows back into the fence."


Within three treatment sessions, patient was able to start walking on the treadmill both forward and
backward without upper extremity support while wearing the NewGait.


One month after the NewGait was initiated, the patient started running while wearing the harness. This was a huge milestone because she was told she would never run again. Three weeks later, she clocked a 12-minute mile.

Who Should Use The NewGait?

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The infographic to the left, includes, but is not all-inclusive, of the diagnoses that have previously seen success with the device.

Do not limit yourself by thinking the NewGait is only for patients with gait instabilities.

Pain, Orthopedic, and Neurological patients are a starting point to become comfortable with the versatility of the NewGait.

We hope to hear about YOUR success stories with entirely new populations!

The more appropriate question to ask is, "Who should NOT use the NewGait?" Because this is the easier question to answer, as it is a smaller group of individuals.

A Testimony from Physical Therapist and Co-Owner of UP Rehab Services (Marquette, MI)

Terry Tripp


I had the benefit of working with Benga and Jordan during the inception of the NewGait. From the beginning, I was intrigued by the product. One of our therapists, Kim Spranger, had the epiphany of taking the SpeedMaker, and using it to change gait. The result with the first client was incredible. The client sustained a spinal cord injury and had surgery to stabilize her spine and decompress her nerves. The client had to use 2 canes to walk before she used the NewGait. After her treatment with the NewGait, she could run while wearing it. This prompted a study at NMU. This study found that when clients who have MS wear the NewGait, their gait speed improved statistically which of course made the client more energy efficient which is a life changing effect.

Being a PT who owns his own business, I was very excited to support my team of therapists who wanted to use the NewGait. It has been very successful with multiple client types in our practice. One of our physical therapists, Cathy Ruprecht, has been using the NewGait on clients who suffer from chronic pain and is seeing remarkable results. I have seen the improvements first hand with my father-in-law, who was treated by Cathy for chronic low back pain. He can now walk with improved cadence and duration with much less pain and has improved his quality of life.

I know that it works, I see it every day in our practice. I believe in this product and we currently have a NewGait in every one of our outpatient clinics. I have no financial interest in this product. I support this product because I see the results firsthand that it works! I strongly endorse this product to be utilized by all therapists who want to improve their client’s quality of life, improve their client’s functional mobility and lessen their client’s pain.

"I was very excited to support my team of therapists who wanted to use the NewGait."

"The NewGait has been very successful with multiple client types in our practice."

"I believe in this product and we currently have a NewGait in every one of our outpatient clinics."

Did you Catch us in the News?


NewGait inventor and CEO, Benga Adeeko, is featured on The Best Morning Routine, Ever! Podcast

In her podcast, Dr. Lunide Louis chats with entrepreneurs discussing effective morning routine tips and how healthy morning habits have contributed to their success. Benga Adeeko reflects on his morning routine as well as the NewGait origin story.

By Lunide Louis | lunide@bmrever.com | Published March 23, 2020

Woman injured in helicopter crash that killed her father gets device meant to help her walk again

BOISE, Idaho — Eight months ago, a helicopter crash in Malheur County killed a man and injured his daughter. Now, after fracturing her spine and losing control of muscles in her legs because of nerve damage, she is learning to walk again with the help of a San Diego-based company, NewGait.

By Shirah Matsuzawa | www.ktvb.com | Published June 20, 2020

SpeedMaker Innovation Helps Marquette County Woman Regain the Ability to Walk

Gwinn - "My biggest goal was to run, and Dr. Coccia, my surgeon, said -- I live on a dairy farm -- he said 'You're never going to be able to chase cows again' and I said, 'I bet you I'm going to be, I'm going to be running."

By Wil Hunter | wil.hunter@upmatters.com | Published July 6, 2016

NewGait Brings New Opportunities for Physical Therapy

Gwinn (WLUC) - With one step at a time, Scott Weiser is on his long road to recovery after a car accident and multiple sclerosis has limited his mobility. However, with the NewGait device, Weiser's steps are much smoother.

By Nicoel Buchmann | uppermichigansource.com | Published November 7, 2017

Emily's Recovery | ABC 10 Feature

Skandia - One woman has defied the odds after a fall on her family's farm in Michigan left her paralyzed. Hoping to get back to her passion for farming, she has pushed the limits of her recovery, surpassing all expectations.

By Charles Coccia | ABC10up.com | Published July 21, 2016

NewGait Inspires New NMU Study

Gwinn (WLUC) - Almost two years ago, a 12 foot fall onto concrete left Emily DeVooght with a major spinal cord injury, limiting her mobility. Emily is now walking and running on her own. She gives credit to the Speed Maker, an athlete geared device, for her fast recovery.

By Nicole Buchmann | uppermichigansource.com | Published November 8, 2017

What Sets us Apart?

We understand that every patient has different needs. That is why the NewGait is completely customizable to assist specific needs and weaknesses. With the innovative use of adjustable D-ring anchors, assistance bands can be placed anywhere to facilitate or inhibit movement.

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The NewGait is not a registered medical device. Not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions,
or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.