Two-Step Process

You Can Either

Visit a Trained NewGait Clinician

An initial fitting consultation is required before purchase for home use


And Then,

Introduce the NewGait to your therapists

Your therapist can participate in our free 30-day clinical trial program. You will be able to use it during therapy sessions under the guidance of your therapist

Purchase the NewGait

Simple ordering process right here on our website

Your therapist can use our proven Letter of Medical Necessity Template to justify the use of the NewGait on your behalf, as to why your insurance company should cover the expenses of purchasing the NewGait for home use.

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The NewGait is currently available through a growing network of trained NewGait clinicians. An initial fitting consultation is required before purchasing for home use. This is because we want to ensure that you have the best experience and results possible. The device is highly customizable, requiring specialized training in NewGait donning techniques to determine the optimal configuration.

NewGait restricts the sale of our devices only to licensed rehabilitation healthcare practitioners and patients recommended by NewGait certified, licensed rehabilitation healthcare practitioners.

Find a NewGait clinician in your area using the interactive map below. You can contact one directly to schedule a fitting appointment.


No one in your area yet? No Problem!

You can help spread our mission of restoring hope to those with mobility limitations.

You and your current therapist can participate in our 30-day trial program.

Direct your therapist to our Clinical Trial Program page to learn more.

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The NewGait is not an approved medical device. Not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions,
or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.