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The NewGait is an innovative physical therapy and rehab device for people who have difficulty walking. This cutting edge yet simple to use product can help patients regain a normal walking gait and basic functionality.

Case Studies


Emily is a big reason NewGait is what it is today. She was the first patient ever treated using it and after suffering a traumatic spinal cord injury in 2015 NewGait was a crucial part of her recovery. Check out her story.

Part 1 May 2016

Part 2 August 2017


Heidi has a mitochondrial disease that makes many everyday activities painful. Watch her video to see how the NewGait has helped her.


Mike was involved in a vehicular accident that resulted in him having multiple leg and foot fractures. The NewGait was able to help him on his road to recovery.


Kim Spranger, MSPT

"The NewGait has changed how I practice PT. It allows me to give assistance, stability, and manual feedback in so many ways. It makes me excited about what I do everyday..... It gives my patients new hope that they may walk and move well again"

Lynn Vanwelsenaers, Certified Prosthetist

"I'm amazed at how much improvement I got and how fast I got the improvement... When I put it on an above knee amputee, it too was almost immediate; the differences in the gait pattern and the more normalized gait that we saw.... The MS patient had almost immediate response as well. And there was just a little bit of lasting improvement after she took it off.."

Crista Malmstead, MSPT

"My patient had a right total knee replacement, and we have been trying to get her to take bigger steps, for a more functional increased stride length. So, what I noticed with the device, was that she was actually able to walk at a more functional rate, and with less of a limp, less painful."

Benefits & Features
  • Strengthens the Lower Extremities

  • Strengthens the Core

  • Improves Posture

  • Improves Balance

  • Improves Hip Flexion

  • Improves Dorsiflexion

  • Improves Knee Extension

  • Encourages Heel-To-Toe Gait Pattern

  • Increases Stride Length and Stride Frequency

  • Portable

  • Lightweight

  • Various Sizing

  • Interchangeable Assistance Bands

  • High Quality, Comfortable, and Durable Material

  • Immediate Results

  • Sustained Results Following the Removal of the Device

  • Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled in the USA

Detailed Product Description

Benefits Patients with the Following Conditions:


Multiple Sclerosis

Traumatic Brain Injuries


Lower Leg Injuries


Total Knee Replacements


Lower Back Injuries


Osteoarthritis of the Knees

Total Hip Replacements

The NewGait is an innovative physical therapy device for people who have difficulty walking. This cutting edge yet simple to use product can help patients regain a normal walking gait and basic functionality. The NewGait's simplistic and adaptable design is showing great promise as a new tool to treat a wide array of physical therapy patients. This is a very new technology; however its impact on gait, posture, balance, and core stabilization is making physical therapists take notice. This is accomplished by strategically placed elastic bands offering unparalleled assistance to both hip flexion and dorsiflexion, allowing for increased stride length as well as stride frequency.

Currently, the NewGait is being utilized by clinicians during physical therapy sessions, and by patients on a long term basis at home to enhance their mobility and ability to perform activities of daily living. The NewGait's ease of use, comfort and portability, coupled with immediate and sustained long term results, makes it a great tool for regaining function.

For sizing guidelines please refer to the SpeedMaker Sizing page

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