Clinician Stories

Watch Rehab Professionals talk about their experiences with the NewGait

Alyssa Portelli

Physical Therapist, Alyssa Portelli, reflects on her experiences with The NewGait at The University of Michigan.

Phuong Vu

Phuong Vu, physical therapist at the Rehabilitation Institute of Michigan, (RIM) tells us about her experience with the NewGait.

Kate Rose

Physical Therapist, Kate Rose, reflects on her experiences with The NewGait and how it has improved her treatment plans. Not only does she use it on her patients, but has additional experience using the NewGait herself for chronic pain. Listen to her educational story.

Cathy Ruprecht

Cathy Ruprecht, NewGait Clinician and Physical Therapist, gives us an in depth discussion regarding chronic pain. Moderated by Benga Adeeko, NewGait CEO, and featuring Kim Spranger, PT & NewGait Clinician.

Dr. Sarah Breen

Dr. Sarah Breen, Associate Professor of Exercise Science at Northern Michigan University, comments on her time studying the effects of the NewGait in persons with multiple sclerosis.

The NewGait

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The NewGait is not an approved medical device. Not intended for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions,
or in the cure, mitigation, treatment, or prevention of disease.