The NewGait is like any other fitness equipment. It can cause injury if used improperly. If injury occurs while in use, stop immediately and consult your physician. Follow these steps to ensure safe use.

Do not use, and immediately replace any component with visible cuts or abrasions, especially on the assistance bands.

Do not over tighten the leg straps to the point where it restricts circulation. It should be snug enough so it does not slide up or down the legs; adjust to comfort level.

After removing the NewGait device, take 2-4 minutes to walk with extra caution. This is due to a latency period in which you might have higher chance of instability as your old gait pattern may return, as well as fatigue.


Cleaning and Care

Washing by hand is the best way to clean the NewGait. Cold water and gentle detergent will maintain the life of the material the longest. To hand wash, dip the component into soapy cold water, then rinse in clean water. Make sure all Velcro straps are fastened with no Velcro exposed because the coarse part of the Velcro can degrade the nylon webbing. Hang to dry in the shade, or, to expedite the process, pat the components dry with a towel while applying pressure to transfer moisture.

When storing, keep the Velcro fastened so the coarse Velcro does not come into contact with the nylon or neoprene materials. The velcro will degrade the materials upon separation.

Do not wash the assistance bands. Do not expose any NewGait component to chlorinated or salt water.

Do not expose the NewGait to direct heat by placing it in a dryer, using an iron, or storing in direct sunlight.

Do not rub the NewGait against abrasive materials or surfaces.

Do not bleach the NewGait or any of its components.