NewGait Clinician Programs

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote recovery, increase mobility, improve quality of life, and RESTORE HOPE to those with movement limitations through our innovative products.

And we envision NewGait products to be THE standard of care in the physical rehabilitation market.


An exceptional opportunity to grow alongside a startup company with a truly unique and innovative product. You would have the opportunity to promote something that other rehab professionals and their patients have likely never seen before. Our commissions and potential for residual income is exceptional for this industry. Work with a mission-driven team helping consumers live healthier and provide state of the art tools to rehabilitation professionals.

Research Opportunities

We are looking for motivated researchers with the means and ability to perform clinical research using the NewGait. We will gladly provide the required NewGait units.

NewGait efficacy on populations affected by gait and balance abnormalities, including but not limited to:

  • MS
  • Post-Stroke
  • Ataxia
  • Parkinsons
  • Post-Polio

    Possible parameters to measure:

    • Muscle Activity
    • Step Length
    • Walking Speed
    • Balance

    Certified NewGait Trainer

    Clinician users who are highly motivated about the product. They receive more training than a standard NewGait Fitter, enough to be able to troubleshoot and help new clinician customers. These trainers are consultants who help to train new clinicians when we receive a new order in their area OR have a 30 day trial inquiry. Paid per hour for training sessions or inservices.

    Patient Sales Commissions

    A program that provides clinical users with a bonus for referring/recommending a patient sale. Amount paid is a percentage of gross sales.

    NewGait Referral Program

    A program that provides clinicians with a bonus for referring the product to a colleague, co-worker, or another clinical customer. Bonus paid is a flat amount based on the number of clinic models in the order.

    We Will Help You Succeed


      • NewGait training - How to use the device
      • Clinician Training - How to train others to use the device


      • Slack channel communications
      • Regular calls
      • Marketing & sales material

    About the Company

    NewGait is a San Diego startup with a mission to promote recovery, increase mobility, improve quality of life, and restore hope to those with movement limitations through our innovative products. Our flagship product, the NewGait, has been developed to assist physical therapists return normal walking patterns to those for whom it has been lost. This simple system composed of a shoulder harness, waist belt, limb straps and unique elastic bands is able to restore components of gait to retrain stability, gait confidence, walking speed, and independence.

    Let's Put The CARE back in Healthcare

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    The NewGait

    San Diego, CA