Toyin Augustus

Track & Field Athlete

“I have seen other devices that are similar, and one of the things that caught my eye was that there was not a whole lot going on behind me. Not a lot of extra baggage to carry around. I feel like I can throw this right into my suitcase, and be able to move wherever I need to go, overseas and to other countries and still be able to train and compete.”


Tia Knight

Track & Field Athlete

“When I looked at it, I was like, oh, that looks uncomfortable, or it looks like something that is going to pull really tight, but it didn't pull tight, it was more of a natural feeling. It helped my legs get up, but not to the point where it was forcing my knees up, but to where it was more of a natural feeling.”


Alex Wooton

Track & Field Athlete

“After working with it, I can really see how efficient it is, pulling your back straight and keeping your core engaged, and also helping with lifting of the quads during sprinting.”

“I would definitely incorporate it into my routine.”

“I immediately felt lighter, I immediately felt more efficient. Having trained with the resistance on, I was able to auto-correct myself, rather than the SpeedMaker doing it for me.”


TJ Kangas

Personal Trainer

“It really engages the posterior chain by getting the glutes to fire, you definitely have to engage them just to stand up straight because of the pulling from the front.”

“Right when I put it on I noticed it right away. The first thing I noticed engage was definitely the muscles in my feet, calves, my quadratus lumborum, which is a lateral hip stabilizer, was definitely firing. I can feel those areas really activate.”

“It is a great form of rehab as well, I think it is more than just speed training, if you have somebody that has some issues with the posterior chain and they are not able to activate it very well.”

“This is phenomenal, it is phenomenal”

“For me it is all about joint stability, and I do train a lot of older clients who have a lot of issues, and this is an amazing product.”


Lynn Vanwelsenaers

Certified Prosthetist

“I'm amazed at how much improvement I got and how fast I got the improvement.”

“When I put it on an above knee amputee, it too was almost immediate; the differences in the gait pattern and the more normalized gait that we saw.”

“The MS patient had almost immediate response as well. And there was just a little bit of lasting improvement after she took it off.”


Andrew Gerlach (PT)

& Crista Malmstead (MSPT)

“I think there is definitely some benefit as far as training with the device.”

“My patient had a right total knee replacement, and we have been trying to get her to take bigger steps, for a more functional increased stride length. So, what I noticed with the device, was that she was actually able to walk at a more functional rate, and with less of a limp, less painful.”


Emily DeVooght

Paraplegic Patient

“The first time I put it on, it was night and day. It helped my confidence, my whole body felt like I was in control of myself.”

“My gait, my hips, my pelvis, everything was all over the place, and I didn't move my arms, I couldn't do anything. I walked swayed, and I put on and I went down the hallway and I was straight up and down and, just walked.”

“It has helped me tremendously, my strength in my legs, and my strength in everything.”

“They said I was never going to run, and now I am running.”