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Elite Athlete Products, Inc currently has 2 products; the SpeedMaker and the NewGait. Our first product, The SpeedMaker, was conceptualized in 2014 by Benga Adeeko, a licensed professional engineer and former track & field standout. While spending time as a youth club track & field coach, he sought out a way to help athletes train more effectively. Always a student of the sport, he gathered from his personal experience as well as research to identify the most impactful muscle groups responsible for sprinting. He then began developing a device that would target those muscle groups without compromising running form. After months of development, he presented the first SpeedMaker prototype to Jordan strofaci, a fellow track coach and speed trainer who instantly loved the idea. It was at that point in which Benga knew he was onto something.

The NewGait was birthed in 2016 when Kim Spranger, a physical therapist, saw the SpeedMaker, and thought to use the apparatus to rehabilitate a young woman that had a devastating spinal cord injury. The video of her recovery can be seen here. Our team has since entirely shifted efforts to restoring hope and putting the care back in healthcare.

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Benga Adeeko

Benga co-founded Elite Athlete Products, Inc. as a sports performance equipment company. As a former Division 1 college sprinter, USA Track & Field Level 1 certified coach, Youth Track & Field coach, and professionally licensed mechanical engineer, he had the passion and know-how to developed The SpeedMaker, which is a training device used by athletes to increase strength and power in the hip extensors. The application of the SpeedMaker in the healthcare industry has led to the development of the NewGait, an assistive mobility aid. After seeing the transformative effect of the NewGait, he is fully focused on its development and commercialization.

Jordan Strofaci

After graduating from San Clemente High School in San Clemente, California, Jordan earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Exercise Science from an accredited and nationally ranked, private, Christian, liberal arts college in 2015. Four years of learning and developing proven exercise science skills in the areas of biomechanics and exercise physiology, have prepared and expanded his passion for health care.


Kim Spranger, MSPT

Since earning her Masters degree in both Exercise Physiology and Physical Therapy, Kim has been practicing PT with Marquette General Hospital in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan for 26 years. She has experience working in various settings; acute inpatient, rehab, outpatient orthopedics, lymphedema clinic, industrial rehab, home health and administration. Kim's love for new challenges and thinking outside of the box, along with her passion for serving people and deep faith in the Lord have all played a role in her discovery of the NewGait.

Lynn Vanwelsenaers, BS, CP, COF

Lynn has great passion to provide people with the opportunity to live life to the fullest by helping them identify and achieve their goals. She has done this for 28 years as a Certified Prosthetist and Certified Orthotic Fitter. She received her Bachelors of Science in Biology from Michigan Technological University while concurrently working on a degree in Electro-mechanical Engineering. She then earned her Certificate in Prosthetics from the University of Minnesota Medical School. Her education, work, and life experiences, including deployment overseas as a Health Services Technician in the Coast Guard Reserve, have enriched her passion for healthcare and to create new and innovative ways to optimize the function and use of the NewGait.


Cathy Ruprecht, MSPT

Cathy graduated with her Master of Science Degree in Physical Therapy from Grand Valley State University in Michigan. After having worked in a variety of therapy settings for 20 years, Cathy discovered a passion for helping people with Chronic Pain. She enjoys educating patients about their bodies, and how to connect mind and body together in ways most of us never consider. Cathy is using the NewGait daily with a variety of patient conditions after discovering how helpful the device is for patients with pain and walking difficulties.

Julie Sanford

Julie is an entrepreneur and designer specializing in sewn products. She developed a custom sewing company called Aspen Ridge Case Company. The company ventured into both wholesale and retail sales. Julie also has experience as a sewing factory plant manager, where she further developed her skills and knowledge. Currently, Julie enjoys spending time mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs and manufacturing products that improve the lives of others, such as The NewGait.

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