The NewGait

Improving therapy outcomes and restoring hope to patients. The NewGait is a low tech, soft exoskeleton harness that provides manual queuing through strategically placed elastic bands.




Our mission is to promote recovery, increase mobility, improve quality of life, and restore hope to those with movement limitations through our innovative products.

See How We Have Been Restoring Hope

Lynn Vanwelsenaers - Certified Prosthetist

"I'm amazed at how much improvement I got and how fast I got the improvement.”

Emily DeeVoght - Spinal Cord Injury

"They said I was never going to run, and now I am running.”

Crista Malmstead - MSPT

"With the device she was able to walk at a more functional rate, and with less of a limp, less painful."

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Hard to Believe?

We Know, That's Why We Tested It!

Clinical Study on NewGait Effectiveness in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis


Faster Walking Speed

participants increased their walking speed enough to characterize them as independent in activities of daily living.


Improved Step Length

All 12 participants became more symmetrical in their gait, as specified by step length.


Less Perceived Effort

Participants were able to walk faster with less effort.

“The addition of the NewGait to physical therapy is beneficial to improving walking performance in persons with multiple sclerosis, and using this device may help improve quality of life by improving gait and ambulatory status.”

"After using the NewGait device, participants experienced significant increases in balance confidence and lower limb coordination."

“The experimental group experienced larger improvements in balance confidence, and coordination when compared to the control group."

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